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Seeds of Rejection

I wasn’t the best student in elementary. As a matter of fact, I was always getting into trouble, mostly for talking, and the school would call home to my mom. My getting into constant trouble at school did not make my relationship with my stepfather any better. He was always calling me stupid. "You are so stupid," are the words that he uttered on a consistent basis. Hearing the word "stupid" hurt me to my core; it caused me to act out a lot. Not only did he cause deep wounds of hurt – but he watered a seed of rejection. The rejection caused me to believe that I was not worthy, and it caused me to be fearful of discovering who God called me to be. Rejection played out in my relationships, career, and faith.

When growing up from a little girl to my adult years, I always felt like I was different and misunderstood. Something on the inside of me was telling me that I was created for purpose – that I was created for something that was not average. It was the Holy Spirit speaking to me. In my core, I felt that I was bigger than my current circumstance, environments and jobs. There were times that I literally felt in my spirit that I needed to break out and be free – be free in who God called me to be. It was as if I was bound and God was calling me to more, but I just didn’t know how. How do I become free? How do I break out of these prison walls? I felt the greatness on the inside of me, and then began to hear the words: "greatness is on the inside of you." I wanted to move into the greatness that God was proclaiming over my life. I wanted to experience EVERYTHING that He had, and still has, for me.

In discovering who God called me to be, I began to cultivate my relationship with God through prayer; reading the Bible; and discipleship from my pastor. As time went on, I soon realized that I not only needed Spiritual disciplines, but practical coaching and mentorship based on Biblical principles to cultivate my character, and to help me discover my purpose. I needed help both spiritually and naturally.

I soon discovered my coach and mentor that taught me how to not only be a woman of God, but a woman of God that walks in freedom from rejection, low self-esteem, and fear. She taught me what it means to be a woman of etiquette, poise, grace, strength, and purpose. The results of the coaching and mentorship that I have received has caused me to focus on "The Total Woman," which is a holistic approach to becoming everything that God has called us to be. I walk in courage and show up as my "best self." She equipped me with the tools to be healthy spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, and now I am helping women globally transform from the inside-out so that she can live her best – authentic life in whatever role she possesses. Are you ready to transform and discover your full potential as a woman in her chosen career, profession or business? I will be waiting to hear from you.

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