It’s Not Over…It’s the Beginning…

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You have consistently pondered over your past, and wondered if you had made better decisions that you would be at a better place in life. As you ponder on your past mistakes and decisions, you become sad, and feel like all hope is gone. Especially since you had a vision of life playing out much differently. As a matter of fact, you wrote your goals down on paper; had conversations with childhood friends that you grew up with on the type of life that you all would have; and you even knew the type of career, profession or business you would have. Oh, you had it all mapped out and nobody, and I mean nobody could tell you differently. I can so relate. I had all my ducks in a row on paper; in my mind; and written on my heart. I knew the career I would have; the type of business I would create; and even the type of husband I would have (LOL….I had to throw that in there)! The plans that I had for my life was so picture perfect, so much to the point that I didn’t consider the “P” word – “the process” to get to where I dreamed of being. I didn’t consider that roadblocks would come, and that everything wouldn’t always be peachy-creme. To make it plan, I didn’t count the cost!

God will give us a glimpse of our purpose; He will plant them on our heart. He will put this deep passion on the inside of us – rather it is for helping other women achieve their goals; motivational speaking; writing books; or doing missionary work. However, as life progresses, life challenges happens. We begin to experience pain, let-downs, heartaches, trials, and tribulations. We begin to experience rejection, low self-esteem, depression, a divorce, the loss of a love one, or some type of traumatic experience. These life experiences can cause our vision to be clouded; our dreams to be buried; and confusion on what God really thinks of us. We wonder if God truly have a plan, and a purpose for our lives.

The truth is, some things happen because of the decisions that we have made based on our mindset at that time, and other times it is the journey – the path that God set for us. We have this idea that the path to the dream is going to be easy, without pain, and a walk in the park. That is far from the truth. It is during the journey that we learn life lessons, become stronger, build character and learn the true meaning of perseverance. Pain is oftentimes the pathway to GREATNESS! Life’s trials and tribulations are often the pathway that brings the greatest results in our lives. The key is to press through with commitment, discipline and your eyes on the prize. Keep your eyes focused on God, and the great reward on the other side.

It is when we decide to say “Yes” despite our fears, setbacks, and past mistakes that life continues to unfold as we walk out this journey called life. It is in our “Yes” to move forward, and a decision to not look back that our lives continues to unfold. It is in our willingness to walk alongside those that have been where we are wanting to go that we learn to continue to say “Yes.” It is because you have said “Yes” that your life is not over…it’s the beginning!

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