TransHERmation From the Inside-Out

Are You Tired of Hiding and Missing Opportunities Because You Feel Rejected?​

There Is Room for You! Pursue Your Goals With Confidence and Attract More Opportunities​

Someone that is timid, oftentimes struggles with the confidence in knowing who they are as a person, and therefore struggles with rejection. They reject themselves and they fear the rejection from others – opening the door to fear. Growing up, I was always shy and timid. I didn’t want to approach anyone at all. I didn’t want to be up front in the limelight; and I would feel extremely uncomfortable when someone would speak highly of me. I did not equate this to rejection. I knew it was apart of fear, but not rejection.

I didn’t think I was good enough and often compared myself to others that appeared to be doing better than me, which is insecurity. I was insecure in my own abilities, and in who God created me to be. I judged the uniqueness of who God created me to be based on what someone else thought. For example, I loved to laugh (still do) and joke around, and if there was a bitter-serious person that would give me the look…you know the look, like, "All that laughing is not called for" it would cause me to draw back and keep a guard over how much laughter or how much of myself I would demonstrate around that person. I would adjust and hide the uniqueness of who God created me to be around those that misunderstood me.

Until One day God told me, "Do not stop being who you are because of others insecurities." A light bulb went off…Drop the mic! They were experiencing many of the same issues, but it came off as bitter, snooty, and a "who does she think she is" type of attitude towards me. Do not hold people’s opinion in high regard that do not have a say over your life. Jesus Christ – holds all authority – God is the one that created you.

Look at how many inventors and famous people are totally "out of the box" with their look, their brand, speech and ideas. There are millionaires and billionaires that are doing it. They dared to be their unique selves. There is room for you. Pursue your goals with confidence knowing that God is with you.

It's Time to Stand Out and Show Up!

I saw myself receiving a promotion and transitioning into a new career. I had literal dreams of being promoted; I saw myself signing the paperwork for a promotion. Because I “saw” my promotion, I believed it in my heart. After several months, an opportunity presented itself for me to apply for a new position within the Federal Government. I went on the interview, and to the manager’s surprise – I was actually educated and skilled. Prior to the interview, he only saw an employee that wore nursing uniforms and pushed patients around to their appointments. He could only see a fraction of who I was. I was judged by my outer appearance and not by what I was actually capable of.

It was in that moment that a light bulb went off; I had an instant mindset shift. Remember, I already saw where I was going through a dream, now it was time for me to show up on the outside based on what I already knew on the inside! I stopped wearing nursing uniforms and began to dress where I was going. A dress shirt and pants while pushing patients to their appointments. I began the preparation of learning more about the position; I got a coach and mentor; and began exposing myself to other professionals in the field. It was my coach and mentor that pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of; she gave me weekly assignments and held me accountable. She was apart of my preparation to receive my promotion and breakthrough in life. I stood out, showed up and received my promotion. To this day, I am consistently standing out and showing up by helping women just like you to overcome their fears, insecurities and rejection.

It’s your time to accelerate into your God-given purpose and assignments. Allow me to help you to get there.

This Is Not the Only Version of You​

Imagine knowing that you can show up as the new version of yourself with boldness, clarity, courage and confidence. Imagine how it would feel to be able to add more value to yourself and in turn add more value to others. Did you know that when your value increases, there is an instant shift that happens in your life; there is a new beginning that takes place? You will change how you show up, you will attract new friendships, opportunities, and your overall outlook on life.

Imagine waking up everyday knowing who you are without rejection and fear holding you back. How would you carry yourself? How would you treat those around you? How would you show up? When you overcome rejection, fear and insecurities everything in your life changes. Now imagine that you not only have a dream of walking out your God-given purpose and assignments, but you were making it happen. You were courageous, consistent, and confident, each and every day, to make progress toward your goals, no matter what challenges come your way. Imagine having that type of ability for the rest of your life. With a coach, with a plan, it’s all possible.


Gain the courage to show up with boldness and clarity knowing that you are an overcomer.


Have the willpower to consistently grow and progress despite life’s challenges.


Have the confidence to show up as your authentic self without the fear of judgement from others.

Are You Ready to Transform and Stand Out?

At this point, you can follow one of two paths. First, you can move on without clicking the button below and continue doing what you’ve always done. And, chances are, you’ll continue getting what you’ve always gotten. You can continue to struggle with your goals and dreams and face the challenges alone.

Or you can choose the second path.

You can choose to do something different, to stop trying to figure this out all by yourself and instead follow the lead of someone who has already figured out how to achieve the very things you want so badly. You know where you’ll be in a year if you choose to do nothing, but there’s no telling how far you’ll go in life with an expert by your side, guiding you every step of the way.

If you’re ready to change your life, I invite you to choose the second path, click the button below, and take the first step toward a bigger, brighter tomorrow.

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